Hush Little Baby

Hush little baby don't you cry,

Put down that blade and don't be shy.

Take a breath and close your eyes

Don't listen to all their lies.


Hush little baby, down you lay

You're beautiful no matter what they say,

No more scars, placed upon your wrists,

Let me help you, I insist.


Hush little baby don't you cry,

Everything is going to be alright.

Put down that blade and put down that knife

Nothing is worth taking your precious life.


Hush little baby don't say a word,

Don't listen to a thing you heard.

Take the bullet out of that chamber

You should have known he was only a player


Hush little baby down you go,

There's no need to feel so low.

Untie that knot, and remove that rope,

There will always be some kind of hope.


Hush little baby close your mouth,

I know you think everything's going south.

But put the cap back on that bottle,

You're more than just a fossil.


Hush little baby don't you swallow,

I know that you feel hollow.

But honey put down that glass,

Take a deep breath and lay in the grass.


Hush little baby everything's going to be okay,

Take my hands and let's sway.

Listen to the music's beat,

Let me sweep you off your feet.

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