Hush Little Baby

Hush little baby close your eyes,
Hide from the world of darkness and lies.
Hide from the fear that plagues your day,
Hide from the world that shuts you away.
Feel the empty words they say.
Tell me what you've learned today.
Remember that only I have loved you.
When the lies become true.
Dream little baby of broken glass,
The fires burn as your days pass.
The paradise seen through smoke and mirrors,
Fade away replaced by fear.
Hush little baby,
I'll just let you cry.
You wont find consolation,
But I'll let you try.
This world is cold,
But we won't be here for long.
The weak are left to suffer,
Beaten down by the strong.
Children die everyday
Alone in the night.
Abandoned by parents
With no chance to fight
Sleep little baby like everything is fine,
Shut your mouth and don't you whine.
Surrender to the darkness surrounding you,
Now your nightmares come true.


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