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You gave it away embrace fully, intimately, emotionally. You got what you thought you’ve craved, wanted, anticipated for so long. After it’s all done, you ask yourself, what’s left of me? Is this what I wanted right now?  Was this lust or love, cause I can’t tell the difference. No lie being touched, held, wanted, yeah it felt right at the moment, but now all I feel is Hurt.  My heart’s bleeding of questions, emotions, reasons, and heart ache. Yet knowing that the hearts the most deceitful of all things, I turn to it, meditating on it day and night. I think to myself, it has to be love. It’s what I’ve wanted for so long.  So why am I still Hurt? Why am I still feeling wanted? I made a commitment to you and myself to give you love that’s unconditional. I’m Hurt, but still want more. The side effects of love are what we least want to feel, but that’s all there is from the outcome. The guilty pleasure of an addiction that’s already inside of us won’t go away like anything else. We give, give give, and take, take, take with emptiness inside of us. That’s just the beginning of Hurt. We mix how we feel with what we go after. We lie to ourselves day after day, telling ourselves it’s going to be okay. Knowing it’s not.  We feel vulnerable , dirty, messed up inside. Wondering when life’s gonna have a new face. Hurt is everywhere you can’t escape it . You run, run, run, but Hurt finds you. You’re broken into pieces hoping your fulfillment and satisfaction will be met.  We all have thirsty desires, needs, and wants, but we wonder who to give it to, and why it’s worth the wait. Hurt’s the only thing I’m used to. With no happiness and sayings Love is rare, we feed ourselves these thoughts we want to find, but can’t. Being hurt every time is tearing you up inside. Hurt is a four letter word with so many consequences and pain, you finally realize.


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