Huntress, Temptress (after the tale of “Apollo and Daphne” from Ovid’s "Metamorphoses")

I did not wish to love a man.


I loved the chase

careful treading 

eager listening 

A conquerer queen of my domain

 a force 


I crouch invoking Phoebe

virgin goddess

my betrothed


‘Til in the hunt

I find myself the hunted


Arrow lodged in warm, inviting flesh

no hunter comes to claim

until Apollo cracks his knuckles


“Don’t be so tense darling,” 

purrs the jungle cat 

batting curls with massive paws


Trapped within my fortress

I run

I run

I run




Robes caught as even the branches bleed betrayal 

I plead penitent

relieve me of this pink body 


My love remains requited


All he has to grasp

brown, withered roots

buried deep 



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