Humpty Dumpty Love Story


He lives here. She, a few time zones away.

No one thought something like this would happen.

They seemed as similar to each other as summer and winter.

But now they are as inseparable as life and spring.

Two of the unlikeliest souls were tied together in a knot.

Unknown to them, things have changed a lot.

Nothing else seems as interesting anymore.

No one else seems as exciting anymore.

Words don’t seem enough to express it anymore.

Distance doesn’t seem an issue anymore.

Though an ocean away they are closer than ever before.

Waiting for the inevitable to happen.

Words never were my forte.

And words will never be enough to express.

I started with a story but ended up with this.

Just a small way of making you smile every day.

Giving you a small part of what I feel.

Till our forever starts together........


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