Humor Me


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Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
Banister bait can't cut the cake.
Left long and to the back of things
you must be dreaming...
she fits between your things
yet can't hang there with you
not even for a sit on the make shit sofa
Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
The things I say are without any doubt
Sense is common 
Yet common 'cents' you see
people always humbled with the less money they keep.
Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
Knock my grammar and I will skull fuck your wishes
Just a play on words for the way you 
speak cheap about her aesthetics
maybe thinking you are something superior
and highly intellegent..
Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
Hollywood was calling
Important and urgent 
Blondie blue eyes
She thinks you are king of thieves
Beth Binder only bends to please
Things is... She has knobbly knees.
knock knock knock!
get the door...
oh no man.. It is typical. 
Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
Slip knobbly knees out the window
just in time for more cake.
Silky swollen puckered penguin lips
Sulky Sally 
Ha.. She looks like the rest of these.
Tweedle dee
Tweedle dum
I don't drink, but if I did 
I would be straight out of rum.
This shit is rigged...
We say good for them and 
all those people make amends.
Tweedle dee 
Tweedle dum
You find yourself on your floor
confusing the lines of liberty
Try calling again and lets play
pick up and well shall see
redial and repeat
You wonder why the defeat
Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum.


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