Humans in Groups

People have many names.

We are given titles such as


and friend.

Our social groups also define us. 

We become 




or nerds.

We surround ourselves with people who label who we are.

We give credit to stereotypes

and cling to groups of common interest

once we find them.

But when you take the groups,

the friends,

the very people to determine us,

we become no one.

We get lost in a sea of faces, 

a name no one cares to remember,

the words on our tongues and the passions in our hearts

lay still and unpreturbed.

To us,

the nameless,

invisibility is not a power

but a curse.

We fade from thought and never come to mind.

We could scream,

but who would hear?


In a group, 

someone is there to listen.

Someone is there to care about your day.

To make you feel special,

and loved.

Humans have a tendency to stick with others who compare in some way to them.

We do this for protection,

for confidence,

for the ability to speak freely,

and be noticed.

Your group is your name.

A label you may now possess.

Social groups,

political groups,

cultural groups,

each of which appeals to a different side of individuals.

Invisibility can be cured,

or even overall avoided,

and when you scream,

someone will be there to listen.


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