Our rights have come slowly
Truman with equality
Brown vs. Board mixing races
Things are changing for humans
Emmett Till beaten and shot
Accusers walk and talk
How does this happen to humans
Rosa Parks stays strong for her position
She makes a mark on history
Rights are slowly coming for humans
James Meredith becomes a first
While others are waiting and watching
For their turn to be human
Martin Luther King arrested and Medgar Evens murdered
Justice runs slow for those who are considered not human
A march ensues at Lincoln’s feet
McNair, Wesley, Robertson and Collins sing the last song
On a Sunday morning, four children are gone
Four humans
Johnson signs Act of 64
No discrimination
Retaliation kills three humans
Black Power with Carmichael
Loving vs. Virginia
The sun is beginning to shine for Humans
An eclipse comes when Martin is shot
Johnson sign Act of 68
Followed by Raegan’s veto
Rights are on their way for humans
Bush ties loose knots
While Bakke makes his case
Till’s justice is sweet when two confess
His murder is finally at peace
Humans prevail
So now we wait
Things are sure to change for us humans
We need to be strong for our rights
The rights of Humans

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