Many times at night

a little girl wonders,

What in the world is she fighting for?

Disney told her love

But her parents said success

And everyone else said just to fit in

So she tried to look inside

Cuz society said she was pretty

But the little boy she liked

went and told her

You are ugly

Staring at a mirror she began to ask questions

Who I am, is it needed?

Who I am, is it wanted?

So years went by and she stared at pictures

picked up paper

and tried to connect peices

She saw that society's standards had changed

So she became cold and aloof

and plucked her eyebrows

A tear after every pull

and she decided to try for someone else.

So soon success came,

But she was alone

and people who were at others standards

were the ones that had left.

She wrote letters to Disney

and texted angrily to magazines,

Lied to her parents,

acted as if she was happy.

So the little grown girl,

who wondered at night

wondered no more

when she pondered her life.

She forgot to be happy

and she turned life around

said society is wrong

and has a hypocritical view

Disney was fiction

a prince doesn't come

and money is only part of success

so she looked out a window

and she saw an old friend,

One she had left years ago

for her new-found fame

She smiled at her,

But the friend only glanced

Saying you forgot to live your life for yourself.






by  Bryanna C.

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