Human Sexuality

When a girl loses her virginity,
Why do we act like she’s lost her dignity?
The very fact that we say she’s lost something seems to suggest
That by having sex her value is somehow less
But then in every store window and magazine
We see a scantily dressed beauty queen
How is it then, that sex sells but its shameful too?
Girls grow up, deciding which side of this double edge sword they will give in to.
On one hand women should be pure and poised
But we’re also supposed to be mindless sex toys
She’s gotta put out if she wears a short skirt,
Otherwise she’s just a tease and a flirt
And if she stands her ground and says shes not in the mood
Everyone will say that she’s just being a prude
A guy is “the man” the more chicks he can score,
And if a girl did the same, you’d call her a whore.
With all these double standards, I have to ask why is a woman’s entire identity
Seemingly defined by just her sexuality?
Not only that, it is a burden for girls to carry
They learn far too young that the world can be scary.
We begin to equate sex and men with hate
In a world that teaches us “not to get raped”
Girls arm themselves with whistles and mace
And what does this say about the human race?
We dehumanize women by making them toys to be played with
And if they don’t want to give it up, men will just take it.
After all they have uncontrollable desires that must be met,
Or at least that is our society’s mindset.
By portraying them as animals, we also dehumanize men,
Toys and animals, what is left of humanity then?
Maybe, just maybe, our vision is clouded
Because sex is where our reality is grounded
Yes, our sexuality is a big part of who we are,
But we’ve taken that and gone too far.
We’ve made it define us as a good person or bad
This limited us so much, its actually sad.
People have sex, some more than others
Why use this fact to scorn one another?
I’m saying that everyone should go sleep around,
Or even that they shouldn’t.
All I’m saying is that our obsession with sexuality
Is starting to diminishing people’s humanity.



Great Job! I totally agree with the last two lines...very refreshing to hear that less than popular sentiment


This poem is soo true. I agree 100%

Genesis Star

this is awesome

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