the human in human rights

America – home of the brave.

Neigh – home of the majority


Home of the security, the humility, the fidelity

Can anyone see the gravity?

The gravity of the situation at the tips of our fingers

The threat of our civil and human rights being taken away lingers


What is a free speech zone anyway?

I’ll tell you it is a start of a breech

A breech in our trust

Wasn’t the point of the first amendment to prevent something so unjust


The freedom to express and live in peace is a liberty promised to us all

So why are my Muslim friends’ hijabs seen as a threat – seen as just a shawl

Why do my Hispanic friends have to prove that they are “legal”?

Providing opportunity and respect is what represents our beloved country’s eagle

NOT something to evil


But I guess the ability to spread your wings and soar

Is reserved for the majority who was here before

Before 9/11, before the paranoia, before we closed our doors

Or should I say, before the idea to build the wall


Yes, social change does need to occur

But that does not mean that I see America as a big blur

No, I see America as a land to prosper

A place that I can become educated to become a doctor


Because even though we may not be happy with the place we live in

We are fortunate in that our women can stay alive even when they show off their skin

We, the new generation can become the new wave

Yes, we do have a path to pave


Our presence must not go ignored

The minority, the majority, we must bind our hands and move forward

When we see civil rights being stripped down and controlled

We must be the ones who help others take off their blindfold


But first we must open up our own eyes to find the love dormant inside

We have to start seeing others as humans and not leaving them outside

We are the home of the brave

Home of the … humans

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My country


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