What are you? What am I? I am human made of  flesh and blood just like you, I can feel pain and heartache just like you, just like you. I am just like you only in a different body and of a different mind. But are we not the same? Do I not feel the same pain and heartache you do? Do the same things not bring me joy and happiness. I am hunam just like you, only in a different body and of a different mind. Do I not love my family the same way you love yours? Do I not cherish my friends as you do yours? What are you? What am I? I am the poor soul on the ground bleeding from my heart and mind trying to comprehend why your doing this to me. You are my cold and wicked tormentor enjoying my pain and drinking in my sorrow, but why? Why must I suffer for your pain? For your misery? Why am I your source for retribution? Why should I be your punching bag full of broken bones and open scars? We are the same, made of flesh and blood! Cursed with the same pains, blessed with the same pleasures, hunted by the same fears, and saved by the same angels. We are the same only in differnt bodies and of differnt minds. What are you? What am I? You are a human just like me, you will die one day just like I will, you love just like I do, you laugh just like I do and you live just like I do. We are the same human and nothing more, you're no more godlike than I. Who am I? Who are you? I am a human backed into a corner and you are the human forcing me down. I wish sometimes that I can do the same to you but then I rember what you are, your a human just like me and when the tables are turned I will not return the pain but hold it and let it die as all things do, and say your human just like me.          

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