i like hugs.

big bear hugs

hugs that squeeze me so tightly i can feel it the day after

hugs are almost as helpful as the sound of your laughter

when i see you smile i know that im okay

even though everything may change

and really nothing will ever remain the same

but lets just take one second

this second maybe

to stare at each other for hours

i want to just stare at you

stare into your eyes that are crystal blue

oh wait this is creepy.


sorry to bother you but, did you know that i like hugs?

long hugs

the kind that start at dawn and don’t end until next Thursday

wrapped in your arms is where i wish i could stay

i would live in yours arms if i were allowed

with our eyes closed and our heads bowed

i wish this moment could last all day

never ever fading away

oh you’re gone.

how long have I been alone?


so, i like hugs

awkward hugs

the hugs you know were planned over and over

hugs from arms that have waited so long to lock themselves around your body

Hugs that your cheeks bump because you don't know where to put your head

hugs that make you wish you were dead

but you’re glad you aren’t

hugs that warm your heart

hugs that leave you not knowing what to say

hugs that you feel like you should apologize for

hugs that make you want to slam your head in the door


I like hugs,

and a hug from you is as good as it gets


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