How to Write a Poem, by a Fifteen-Year-Old Alcoholic

Thu, 09/15/2016 - 15:38 -- ssilva

Define alcoholism: habitual intoxication.

Define habitual: commonly used or practiced.

Define Writing: the act of creating written works.

Deine words: weaving and combining the 26 letters of the alphabet to create;







and love.

Define intoxication: a wild excitement;



Writing a poem is not a complex act.

Simply cut your wrist and bleed your words into your pen.

Draw oceans with the depths of your ancient tool.


Step 1: Manipulation

Wrap your knife around a pen

And produce the danger,

That erects the images and

Voices in one’s vision.


Step 2: Sing

These words breathe like fresh wounds,

Pour your salt,

Sink them in vemon,

And let them sing their enticing words.


Step 3: Acceptance

You’re not insane,

But not completely sane,

For it is madness that projects this sanity,

being sober and drunk are two pleasure

One is allowed to feel,

For this pen works like a bottle of vodka

And I fall

like its sinner.


Step 4: Drink

Drown in this addiction,

Allow it to claw away the flesh

from your bones and expose

the hunger from your eyes.


Step 5: Die

These words resurrect

the point of your dagger,

So  dance on the razer’s edge.

Allow the visions

And expect for the bleed,

Listen for the ring of song.


Await with prayer.


Dear sinner,

This is your work,

This is your drug,

This will be your


Drink this glass

And pour words into this page.

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