This Is How We Live

Our world is like the hands of the homeless, empty.

There is no compassion or care amongst us anymore.

Our hearts are empty,

                                                                                 like the barren desert.

It is dry and the love that once existed

 has turned into tumbleweeds of bitterness.

We do not help the needy or the helpless.

We have become monsters.

Our minds, that once served as libraries of knowledge

are now filled with greedy and gruesome thoughts.

We have used our minds as machines of destruction.


The sights of skyscrapers and sophisticated cities are replaced by

destroyed slaughterhouses and their debris.

The sound of singing birds are replaced by

the whistling of bullets and bombs.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki tell the story of the millions of victims.

Our desire for money and power has made us to go mad.

We let racism grow into human genocide and massacre.

The concentration camps tell the story of the millions of victims.


Homes are graveyards for the fearful mothers and fathers.

Mothers that saw their children dress in the uniform of men,

with shoes too big to fill.

Fathers that were replaced by the superiors of combat to serve as role models.

Both wait for their sons and daughters to return, alive.

But war is a minefield.

Every soldier’s step could be their last.

And so they fight until they die or it’s over, whichever comes first.

Do these soldiers die with honor?

Is it honorable to kill because our leaders believe that the rest of the human race

 is expendable?


The human race will never experience peace.

Unless we realize that our intellect is the key to the doors of success.

Instead of brainstorming ways to kill one another,

we can use our strength to fortify one another.

How many more bullets will be fired before our world is at peace?

How many more minutes will have to pass

 till’ we realize that we were made to love, laugh, and live




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