How Sweet That Freedom Is


United States
29° 39' 0.54" N, 96° 33' 25.1568" W

That’s how I felt.
Living under oppression
under someone’s thumb-
Unable, incapable, inexplicably inept

But it was all a construct
Some convoluted tribal-color construct
That kept us down
Like doves with clipped wings.
They wanted docility
Someone to clean up after they finished their
Fifty dollar dinners.
We wanted freedom.

Oh how we rose
Soared to heights unseen.
With Resurrection eyes we seized the impossible
Accomplished what was infeasible
And dared to dream.
No longer were we tied down,
fettered and fearful.
Unleashed with the help of a few brave men and women
We found our strength in unity
Fraternity, liberty

The fruits of that labor are still a’ reaping
Day by day, chippin’ away
At that caustic force that divides like no other.
Color, race, nationality, religion
Whatever makes us different,
Now making us the same.
So that one day we might all taste
that sweet freedom.

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I am not sure what to say, you clearly know where you are going so good luck!

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