How Lucky!


Open it up, see what it is,

The gift wrapped in a plastic bag.

Dirty hands, uncut nails

tear at that plastic bag.

Agreat smile comes, along with joy.

That child, lonely and homeless,

got a present for christmas from his laboring parents.

He got socks, all clean and white,

a 6-pack too!

That little kid couldn't be happier,

even though all her got was a 6-pack of socks.


Open it up, see what it is.

Agift under a christmas tree.

The tree so bright, coated in red and green, tinsel all around,

blue, red, and silver ornaments, with little glass others.

The present wrapped with green, and little candy canes, too!

With a bow on top, sparkling with silver.

Rip, tear, and save the bow.

Opening it, a 12-pack of white socks.

Not much joy comes from the child.

Aslight, wow, smile, just to make the parents happy.

Says, "thank you", and tries to be happy.

The child reaches

for another gift.


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