How I Grew Up in Two Seconds


It's what I grew up knowing I had

What would happen when all that went bad

Took two seconds

Was that not enough?

Growing up in Southcentral was truly rough


Thank God, I always had two parents

Thank God, they were always really caring

But they couldn't protect me once I was grown

This is the story of how my neighborhood's true colors were once shown


Mom and I driving from church 

I had a craving so we went to Western and turned

Mind you, I went to elementary school there

A safe space, so why when I drive by I feel scared?


Mom had two hands on the wheel

My hands were texting a friend

Mom told me, "What's all the commotion?"

I looked up and instant demotion

My heart fell to the ground 

A gun barrel, time truly slowed down


Hearing my heartbeat

Thinking about my future

I shout "Get down!",

Told my mom to drive faster


Some people grow slow,

Some people grow fast

I grew in two seconds 

I learned to appreciate, make moments last


I grew up here, always heard the gunshots

She grew up in the ghetto, she's heard shots lots

But I realized we numb ourselves to insanity

Once you grow up, insanity becomes reality



This poem is about: 
My community


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