How to have Success



Hardwork loves success
Who is the relative of money
Hardwork strikes a ringing
Cord in success heart,

Hardwork uses its ability, to charm,
Capture not harm,
To rapture and nurture with it's agility.
Hardwork redesign the creature
Give it a spontaneous texture for success.

Hardwork also find a little
Joy connected to success,
For the love hard work has for success,
Lead It to singed a perfect tune,
Even though it wasn't that strange to success.

Complications emerge when
Both explore, spread their
Wings to a lovely love
Nest and laid eggs.
Success wanted to be accomplished without given all,
You see hard work seem worthless
Because success was not insights anymore.

Harkwork stops Working and providing.
The relationship that was once about commitment and sacrifices starts dying,
It was hard, but to Cross that yard of problems
Hardwork was determined,
But no matter how much
Hardwork would push and pull
Like a lover, yet it all seems worthless

Now hard work can not bring success,
And money takes care of success,
Money has increase the standard of success, money makes success relevant, put food on the table, pay for everything,

Money is able to secure a good future for success, success is trying to create a feeling for money,
but does not want to lose hard work,
It does not matter the feeling, if you want to have success,
 hard work should be done to bring money that will make you have success.


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