how dare they


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how dare boys tell my gender that sexism doesn't exist

they say it so flippantly
but they don't know
how could they know?

they don't have people telling you how you're suppose to look
wear makeup
pluck this
shave that
wear this top
look sexy
but not slutty

boys can rape you
and you'll still be blamed for it
“she shouldn't have been running in the dark”
“she shouldn't have been wearing such a short skirt”
“she shouldn't have been drinking”
how about- he shouldn't have raped her?

you leave the house in a pair of shorts
because it's hot
and you like the feel of the sun on your bare legs
and a boy might stare at you
because he doesn't care that it's rude
because he thinks that you're there
for his enjoyment
and you'll get blamed for it
even though he's the one
that wouldn't keep his eyes to himself

boys get excused for their actions
“boys will be boys,” your parents would say
when you run home crying because a boy tugged on your pigtails
or made fun of the way you laughed
boys don't have to hold responsibility for their actions
just because they're not girls.

boys don't have people use their gender as an insult
no, people are suppose to aspire to be like their gender
we've all heard people saying “man up. don't be such a girl.”
and you still say that


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