How could it be

How could it be?

Someone such as you and me could be so different.

I'm walking around the halls of this school so smiley and cheery.

You're scuffing through them all sad and dreary.

But one day I notice your shoe is untied.

I tell you, and when you look up at me you seem like you're about to cry.

What's wrong I say?



The week passes and I cant see you scuffing your shoes all sad. All dreary.

What happened to my unknown friend?

An announcement.

"A moment of silence for a student we've lost" said the principle


How could it be? You could have been the same as me.

Happy and cheery with a smile on your face

But instead you're gone.. That's such a disgrace.

Killing anything is never the answer

And even thought I didn't know your name, I miss you, stranger.


This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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