How Can We Capture The Moment?

Sometimes I sit at my window and stare at the world beyond,

wondering how we will remember each moment as time flies.

I ask, I dream, I ponder, but silence is the only response.

I sit alone, watching each movement with my curious eyes.


We travel all over the world, seeing the beauty of humanity,

but will we remember the excitement when our memory is broken?

We can't recall the time when our roller coaster cart got pulled down by gravity,

so instead of letting the feelings slip past us, how can we capture the moment?


We often focus deeply on our immediate needs,

that we don't take enough time to consider the future.

We often stress and worry about whether we will succeed,

that we don't give us a chance to make things smoother.


What's the rush? Why don't we give ourselves a break once in a while?

Take some more time to enjoy, give an opportunity to our opponents.

Try writing a poem, make an experience worthwhile.

What are we doing everything for? Take your chance and capture this moment.






This poem is about: 
Our world


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