How Can This Be My Future

Sun, 11/24/2013 - 18:11 -- caprice


How can this be my future 

Tests to convey how intelligent I am

I hope to fufill my dreams

I can tell you what I aspire to be

But these tests determine where I go

Tests decide if my future is bright

If I am right 

Enough for a school to want me 

Tests composed of complex, compound, complex-compound, and simple

Filled with math figures I will never have to use again 

Stories that keep my interest low

Poems that take a Lit. teacher with a PhD to decipher

These tests decide whether I make it

Whether I prosper 

Whether I will be allowed the attempt to conquer

My goals, dreams, aspirations, hopes

Tests hang me in limbo 

They are deciding factor in my future

If I get the chance to chase dreams

Or ask if a patron wants an extra slice of cheese

On his hamburger


They have my future in their hands

Not testing my intelligence but rather my memory

Failure is not an option

Unless I want to diminish the hope inside me


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