How to be Free

The doorman stood lanky and tall
With a suspicious eye that watched over all
He stood only three steps from me 
And I thought and I asked what it's like to be free

He replied in a cautionary tone 
How should I know, open the door and see what lies past your home.
The idea of the door filled me with dread
If I open the door I would surely be dead

Yet still I crept forward, nearer to fate 
If i didn't open that door would it be too late?
Each step thundered, the doorman just stared
The door's othetr side and I had been paired

With turn and a click the door swung wide
There my past and my future stood side by side
As I saw them I wanted to run
They were blocking my freedom, blocking my fun.

I asked them to move, my freedoms await
If they didn't move i would surely be late
Yet the past stared while I continued my speech
The past would then steal my hope like a sickening leech

The past said there is no freedom if I claim your thought
With me the future exist all for not
I am who you are 
Even if you remain far

I trembled and shook at what the past had told
Still unawares that the future was bold
The future stood with power and grace 
To join with the past and present a new face

The face was the now, the future brought the present 
The future said i can bring you a hope you resent
But the now is the friend
Who will guide you without a break or a bend

The now then appeared and I wished the doorman goodbye 
Hoping this was not a cruel lie
Know I would soon see them in a while
The past and future stood by the doorman with a questionable smile

The now grabbed my hanf anf held it tight
Telling me everything would be alright
As we walk hand in hand I asked is freedom now mine?
The now said yes, it's yours all the time.

The freedom is in what actions you take
Freedom is all in the choices you make
It's your freedom, don't you see?
It's up to you, it's not up to me.


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