How about no.


Do you seriously think that assigning a shit ton of homework is going to teach us something?

How about no.

It doesn't.

Is it effective, to what extent?

It's not, never.

Is it justified?

If you're using motive over consequence, yes.

But if employing consequence over motive, then no.

Do you realize that the reason there are only six people in your class is because almost everyone switched out?

Probably not. 

Hell, you probably don't even why.

Well, let me tell you:

It's because no one learns anything in your class.

Your grading isn't consistent.

What the hell happened to unbiased teaching?

I'm wondering because you are literally the single most biased teacher out there.

No one wanted you for theory of knowledge.

Hell, you weren't even the one who was supposed to be teaching it.

You barely qualify. 

And the rush to do major projects towards the end of a quarter? 

How about no.

Your classes are the sole reason I didn't make high honors. 

How livid I am, you will never know.

When will you realize

That you're actually not capable of teaching higher level classes

You should really just stick to college prep and basic.

Their needs would suit your style far better.

I joined this goddamn program to learn something

Not to regress into some angry ignoramus.

We need lectures, not this group activity bullshit. 

Well, at least not for history.

If I fail that portion of the exam because of you,

Let's just say,

There will be reparations to be paid. 

It's not that you're a bad person,

It's just that you're an awful teacher.

So bad that a lot of us feel like you barely made it through college.

Can you go back? Because you really need to.


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