The Hourglass

Thu, 07/14/2016 - 02:30 -- Cmarler

Birth the beginning of time
the start of this hourglass of sand
that follows you every second minute and hour
of your life slowly dropping this grains
only to speed up the older you get
following you through the ups and downs of
your life remind you that time comes to end
so that a new begining to start again
as the hour glass starts to become low on time
you start to wonder back to where all the days
went missing the old and being happy of the new
the older you get the happier you are with the years
you had to experience the enjoyment of life
to be giving a turn to have your time
of life to see the enjoyments
that the hourglass has brought
the feelings of love and fulfillment
as the grains are the very end you are laying
in your bed smiling as you watch the hourglass last seconds
drained surronded by the ones you love
time has come to a end to only begin again

This poem is about: 
Our world



I want to get more into Poetry.. Probably publishing but i dont feel ready at all, people I know say I am a decent poet but I would love to have some help refining

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