The Hotel Room


She sits in the $60 room
Silently listening to the loud t.v.
There’s a knock on the door.
I hope it isn’t for me.
He comes in with a smile on his face,
and he does what he wants.
I lay there with disgrace.

As he leaves he sets the money down on the nightstand,
and he tells me, I’m the best he’s ever had.

As he leaves, so does my innocence.
The sin I have just committed is screaming out.

All of a sudden, the room is dark.
She feels a certain coldness creeping over her.

She then recognizes his familiar face,
and tries to rest her head on his broken-down chest.
He quickly pushes her naked body off of him,
and says, “Rest, you have a long night tonight.”
She conducts a dozen more business arrangements
then calls it a night.

When she’s alone in the shower, she prays and prays.
Please God, oh Please let this be my last night.

The next day, after a restless night, housekeeping knocks
on the door
It’s time to leave the comfort of the night.
It’s time to leave the comfort of the
hotel room, until tonight.


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