Hospital Feet

Sun, 11/20/2011 - 19:15 -- ppadmin

I took the pills
bottled in their orange cocoon
I kissed each one
hoping their
flight to my uterus might be a swift one
flutter away this doubt
this regret this heavy feeling in the bottom of my throat
emergency contraception
HIV, full STD test
no one had to tell me
unprotected sex is obviously not something to fuck with but
niether is my heart
and look how well i protect her
my confidence is balled into clammy hand
while the doctor inserts forceps except for my chest
i feel no pain just ashamed that this had to be my wake up call.



aways love the poems =]


beautiful piece B, love it! so powerful <3


My Favorite Piece!
incredibly raw, open, honest, real... I think it's the perfect ingredients of a dope piece!
I love you soo much


damn Bumble Bee that was amazing. Heart breaking and powerful with emotion. Love love love it.


I love poems like that where it's so powerful. I don't really know how to project my voice like that when i read my poems.


I loved it, it was very deep!  colector de polvo  colectores de polvo  filtros de cartucho

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