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As the earth spins in its daily orbit, the horizon call to me.  It tells me the secrete that few ever hear.  It whispers to me, stretching out its hand.  "Come and catch me if you can."  It moves steadily on and on, without taking a pause.  Some become captured by the beauty of its sunsets.  They sit in awe and marvel, wishing to freeze the moment in their minds forever.  Some, however; see the expansion of the landscape ahead as within arm's reach.  They seek to catch it and tie it down in place.  "It's only an arm's length away," they say.  They set their course with the destination in mind.  Always reaching. Always seeking.  Never arriving at their destination.  Like Magellan on his quest for land they set out on their course.  But day after day they never arrive at their destination.  It slips through our out stretched arms as the sun slips behind the mountains.  It cannot be caught.  It cannot be tied down in place.  It is a moving target that we seek after.  "Catch me if you can," it calls again.  And another and another and another day sets behind the mountains.  We can always chase this elusive prize only to find that as we have gained ground, it has moved with us, as if to tease us.  If you listen carefully, you can hear its secrete calling to you... "Always be moving forward," as it laughs and moves ahead steadily on.

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