To the Horizon

“Eyes turning red, focus on high. 

All signs of life, going black. 

Pulses dropping, breathing slowing. 

Creatures running in search of flesh. 

Screams are heard, from the distance. 

Hiding in crevices, falling from the rooftops. 

When the screams are stopped, nothing but 

silence remains. The question if for how long? 

This isn’t a battle, it’s a massacre. 

The foe is unseen as it breaks the skulls of all. 

Man, woman, or child. They are all the same in 

the eyes of an outsider, unknown to our ways. 

Run, run all you can, for nothing can save you once 

caught. Remain hidden, travel light, and let nothing 

slow you down, for your salvation is on the horizon.”


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