Hopeless Part/Verse 2


56° 7' 49.3176" N, 106° 20' 48.3756" W

Hopeless, and I don't think that you noticed so i wrote this

Cause I want you to know this before I disappear,whether I'm dead or gone,far from here

Love my city although many mental wounds had to scar here

Might have to leave soon, I'll come back one day,after i visit the bay so I can look up to the stars here

Passion pulling the strings like fingers on a guitar,

Preaching to you from the soul but I'm no scholar

Still i stand scribing these memoirs

We can make it outta the hood dreamin that the world is ours

Today doubters turn to believers cause I'm raising the bar, Flow deadly as black tar

Overdosing all the fakest fucks on my radar

Closing the gap between dream and reality, sparring with demons since I was nine

Thought I was fine,Failed too much, couldn't deal with it I had no time

Busy I was searching for the key to my mind,all I ever had to do was speak it

Divine intervention, born with genes so unique, incredible wit

My spit's like Chicago wind that'll knock you to next weekend

Playing dodgeball I was always last to get picked

Honed my craft locked in the house on a strict budget

Tried breaking down the door,depression wouldn't let me budge it

So fuck it ima go hop out the window

Anxieties there, I wanna smother it with a pillow,

How can I make you understand the feeling with a comparison?

Trust me you'd rather listen to willow smith

I'm on my way to the top so my only question is,are you coming with?





This poem is about: 
Our world



This is fire

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