Hopeless Homeless Dreams

Home is where the heart is,

And what if I can’t hear my heart beat?

Cause all of my heart beats were beating for you 

As you took a beating,

You took my heart beats and ran. 

Home is where the heart is,

And what if I’m sick and tired of my heart being beat?

Cause mother is sad

And father is mad. 

And my heart - wants nothing more than to just stop.

Home is where the heart is,

And what if you never realize that my heart is with you? 

Cause you simply leave me on read

I mean of course you would. 

I poured my heart out to you cause you said your heart didn’t work properly

That you didn’t feel properly

So my heart beat for the both of us.

And took your beatings for you.

Home is where the heart is,

And what if I never get my heart back?

I have no clue what you’ve done with it, but I’m in pain. 

I still feel the pain. 

More pain than a knife to my wrist could take away. 

I can’t hear my heart beat because as you took a beating

You used my heart as a shield,

Then threw it out when it didn’t beat properly

If you had just given it some tender love and care…

Maybe you would’ve been able to see just how much I care about you. 

You remind me of a scavenger bird

Taking joy in the decomposition of others, as it benefits you. 

But darling I will gladly be your nightingale in shining armor,

Protecting you from the pain and sorrow of life,

As I decompose without blood running in my veins. 

As I serve to benefit you. 

I have spent my life trying to show you that there can be good in the world too. 

That my heart is perfectly okay to take a beating,

As long as you’re okay. Cause you stole my heart. 

Cause you are my home. 

Home is where the heart is,

And what if you never cared about my heart?

The toughest battle is between what I know and I feel. 

So please little scavenager,

I know you saw my heart in the open and took it,

And that’s okay,

But please. Bring my heart back home. Or make it a home where it is loved. 

I can no longer hear my heart beat… as it is in pain. 

Home is where the heart is,

And what if my heart never beats again?

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