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Honestly,can't think of a way outta poverty

Palms sweating the fuck'll happen to my life, if I don't win the lottery

Everybodies on my back,sometimes I wish they'd get off of me

Though I got duties as a man and ima do em responsibly

Anything for the family even commiting armed robbery

Trying to forget all the bad with the good herb in the botany

Calling my name,high in the clouds feet on the ground,killin the game

Puffin smoke like a dragon,all I'm spitting is flame

Up all night, drilling lyrics into the brain

Not willing to sleep with this weight on my back I sustain

Minds buzzing late like cocaine in my system

Going insane, you cheated,never tried to resist em

You're trying to fuck me over and play the victim?

My lifes falling apart, just like a cataclysm

Lonely in my room all I've got is the rhythm 

Never stopping my grind, the worlds sleeping on me like hypnotism

Screw up among peers and it would pile on me the criticism

So young but you can already see my proffesionalism

I just can't cope, blew my minds defense mechanism

Life Feels Hopeless.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world



these bars are fire

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