Hope Reborn

Mon, 10/23/2017 - 11:45 -- nate546

Deep within the abyss of my being, my sorrow lingers and brings forth my tears

In which my sadness resides I find the brimming of the water closing in.

Its destination, though unknown, begs the question of who and why

And the remnants it leaves marks dead hope and lost desires.


I fight in a battle that deems no winner but life itself.

With all its tragedies I feel the push yearning to draw out my source

And with every birth of a new chance I stretch myself further.

Far beyond the point of retraction and far beyond the point of reaction.


Swimming in the pool of blackened desperation and aimless mentions.

My mind and body feel weary at the brisk welcome of the lonesome

Weighing down on me I can feel the eyes prying at my material body.

The booming silence still whispering its hymns of forgiveness and understanding.


And at that moment I can recall what the soft voice had told me,

Despite the nuisance of the rumors I was told long before,

I lay bare at the existence of reality with a new realization and self awareness.

Knowing now what I was meant to follow and who to be.


The void in which I once resided opens doors to new light.

The words in which I once heard remind me of the new opportunities.

A moment to breathe and a moment to think recollects my thoughts

And I breathe out my last life and rejoin the sentience of the universe.


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