Hope Never Loses Us

Have you ever felt alone? 
So alone, all you feel is emptiness. 
Feel as though no one wants you around. 
Like nothing you do will be good enough for anyone. 
You're not alone. 
You're never alone.

Pick up the phone.

It doesn't matter who you call. 
Just talk. 
About anything. 
To anyone. 
Get your mind to a better place.

Rescue is possible.

I know it doesn't feel like it now. 
And you're going to say I don't, but I do. 
Everything you're feeling, I've felt, too. 
From the loneliness to the worthlessness. 
From the somewhat okay days to the dreadful ones. 
But there's this little secret I've got for you. 
It's this little thing called hope. 

I've recovered.

From the tears spilled and the lost friends, to the gained loved ones and this little strength inside of me that keeps me going. 
It's hope. 
I know that you can't even imagine that you have some, but even at the worst times, there's hope.

Hope never loses us.


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