Hope for Eternity

Being Black is a curse

A black woman so much worse

The disrespect almost intolerable

Our young girls left so vulnerable

Lonely and depressed,

still longing for eternal happiness


Summed up by our looks

Referred to as b-words in every verse and hook

Present in every music video, tweet, or post

Somehow our likes define us the most

Our bodies tell our stories

People strip us of our pride

Taking what they need, destroying our insides

Because we are black women,

Who are lonely and oppressed,

still longing and hoping for eternal happiness


The amount of pain we endure

The amount of hatred we go through

We fend for ourselves, and strive for success

Eventually we reach the hall of fames

Eventually everyone ends up knowing our names

Often asked what gives us the strength

to move forward and carry on

through all the stress and hardships we’ve ever undergone

The answer is forever present being it’s the same blessing and curse

 that makes us lonely and depressed

Longing for eternal happiness


Our skin color connects us

A unity is formed

A bond that could never be broken

A sisterhood that can never be harmed

Empowering one another

Building empires for each other

 Inspiring that young black girl whose

trapped in her shell

fighting for her life

because she’s gay or not paper thin

struggling to find her power and confidence hidden deep within


As she continues to drown herself with liquid courage

from a glass bottle

Honey, realize that everyone wasn’t born to be a model

be a leader or an innovative thinker

you can do it because we did

be the example for the next girl after you that is…

Lonely and oppressed, longing and hoping for eternal happiness


Give her something awesome

Something that helps her develop and even blossom

Something that helps her fight those powerful and hurtful loses

Guiding her showing her the ropes

Giving her a chance at a new life and eventually eternal hope

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


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