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My snakeskin eyes are full of haze
The dams that held strong, the tears give way
My heart is heavy, but with nothing inside
Kneeling down in the ashes, I cried
The malicious wrath blazed through my house
Panic set in and alarms rang out
As unforgiving as a tyrannous queen
Rips through my life and brakes the seams
They fall away singed and frayed
Watching the embers dance mockingly, my eyes fill with rage
My heart drops like a stone in the lake
Coming to the sick knowing I really am awake
The fire has taken everything away as it burnt
Finally wiping my eyes I come to accept it
Through the white some and tears in my eyes
I still found a reason and a purpose to smile

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My house burnt down almost a year ago. It has affected me greatly, but I am not constantly sad. I still laugh and smile because there is no point to be upset. I can not change it. I can only grow from it.

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