Honorable Mention

My brother, my partner in crime,

My savior when frightened at night.

My playmate, my hero,

My rescuer, my knight.


You never saw me as a burden,

Always there in times of need.

Whenever I felt unsure,

You were always there to lead.


Time passed by very quickly,

Now you’re all grown up.

Your decision to leave for boot camp,

Our tears have not let up.


Now I share you with our country,

For now you’re just on loan.

Four sweet words we want to hear,

Family, I’m coming home.


Your life is full of adventure,

You go where they command.

We never know where you’ll go next,

On to the next foreign land.


You’ve trained, you’ve marched,

You’ve suffered with no complaint.

Long days and nights of rigorous work,

Most people could never relate.


You do your duty skillfully,

Weighed down with all your gear.

Your gun is now a part of you,

You’ve learned to show no fear.


We say a prayer every day,

We put you in God’s hands.

He will keep you safe from danger.

Your protection is His plan.


We know it’s hard, you’re missing home,

As much as we miss you.

Please keep your faith going strong,

He will help to push you through.


You’re in our hearts and in our dreams,

We wish you weren’t so far.

But we understand the reason,

That you have to work so hard.


Protecting our freedom is what you do,

Our thanks are never enough.

You surrendered years of your own life,

So much that you gave up.


It’s important, brother, that you know,

That though we’re all apart.

Until the day we see you again,

You’re always in our hearts.






This poem is about: 
My family


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