Honesty and Passion Are All You Need

Tue, 02/17/2015 - 16:27 -- Ques20


"How could you say that, my ego is demolished"

I have never apologized for just being honest

There are way too many people

Who lie to their friends to make them feel better 

They are the reason their friend is so feeble

People are afraid of honesty

Then go home and tweet "I just want people to be honest with me"

Truth be told

This masquerade of wanting the truth is getting old

Most of us are okay with comfort

It makes us feel safe

But we have hour-long conversations about how we wish to be in another place

We are afraid to take risks

We are afraid to leap

We think if we hit rock bottom

The mountain will become too steep

Those who did not follow their dreams

Aren't really living

The light of their lives

Is slowly dimming

"I work at IBM, but I wanted to be an artist"

Yet their pursuit of their dreams had never started

"My job pays well, but I kind of hate it"

They followed a paycheck while their passion slowly faded

Maybe if someone was honest with them

And made them believe in themselves

They wouldn't be the typical hard-cover book

On one of life's shelves

I strive to be a fairy tale

An elusive paper back

The one who leapt for his dream

The one on the television screen

Covered in money and gleam

If I do make it to the top

While I'm sitting upon it

I could give credit to myself

For always being honest

My drive is not the money, women, or fashion

I just want my life

To also be my passion



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Our world


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