Why the fuck can't you be honest if you were it avoid problems

Don't give me your number unless you want me to use it

I text you, you don't respond that methods kind of abusive

Is it so damn hard to say no

Hey I seen you from across the room and you are attractive ummm I was hoping to get your number so I can call you and get to know you a little bit

No thank you

See so simple and even if I got the drive to try and be persistent eventually I'll get the clue and up going missing

Don't you hmu talking bout you miss me cause when I wanted you to talk you turned around and dissed me

Beautiful from head to toe it obvious absence makes the heart grow

Cause when I wanted you, you didn't want me no more I tried to spit some game but that was a no go

Oh no where are we to go you giving me a chance after they treat you like a hoe not to be remiss but I'm a little pissed that you're hitting up the good guy after he calls you a bitch

Damn it's just like that but y it gotta be like that you could have been the right one but now it's my turn to say no


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