Homeless people the ones we

Homeless people the ones we choose to not help 

the people who beg but instead they end up dead

they see our busy lives but all we see is their failures

when we think its weird to us but, in reality to them it isn't  

hearing the crying of moms and dads on the street losing everything they had

the painful thought of losing your life and just becoming a memory 

if you were ever in this situation your heart will be struck with devastation 

no where to go, no where to talk

staving stomachs everywhere but only a few fed,

when you think your having a bad day

think again because 

someone on the other side

could be loosing everything in their life

as their bad day.

some may refuse to say this may be a curse

but they know things will become better not worse

either God is testing me or its Karma repaying

the debt i owe

when all hope is lost

Even-though Everyday majority of homeless people

on the streets end up getting killed from sickness

or abused by other people.

Another thing,Why does life have to be based on status and money?

Why do people judge on what they see/hear and not on what is true?

Can’t we all just be a loving family is that too much to ask for?

Why do we have to judge by color, race, and gender in this world?

Personality! is what should matter in this world

not based on what you have or what you look like its what inside that counts.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


Jan Wienen

Thank you ... I needed the reminder ...

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