Sat, 04/20/2013 - 11:42 -- Kay_Kay

Being homeless is so terribly hard,
And at times I don't want to live.
I stand on many corners and streets,
Just praying that someone will give.

Each day it's hard to crack a smile
And my heart is so full of sorrow.
It's very difficult getting by each day,
At times I don't care if I see tomorrow.

My life out here is so very lonely,
I just wish I had someone to hold.
But instead, I am here all alone,
Trying to stay warm in the cold.

I'm tired, hungry, and very depressed
And if my life doesn't change fast,
I have this prayer I've written to God
To take me away for I'm not going to last.

It's a simple prayer that goes like this:
Lord take me away from this place.
I want to be with you in heaven,
I want to see your gleaming face.

Please take my sorrows, hunger, and depression,
And replace it with peace, warmth, and love.
For that's where I long to be,
With my kids in heaven above.


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