You look at him, he's all alone 

Still no one looks at him 

He's crippled and worn, 

Tall, filthy and thin. 

Accompanied by no one 

Except for his shadow 

He lives on the streets of New York 

Limping through the concrete meadow. 

The reflections on his body 

Seen through stained black glass

Are rigid, rough and rusted 

He is invisible throughout the mass 

The mass of crowds 

The shutter of sound 

Constant noise built up pressure 

He screams abruptly loud. 

Everyone stops and stares 

He trembles with confusion 

Falls down and repedeatly slams his head. 

Creating his cuncussion.

People rush away

Except for a familiar face

She picks him up

And wipes the blood off his face 

"Stay with me" the girl proclaimed 

I know who you are 

The man pushes her back

His sight gazes towards the stars

He says, "I'm just homeless, a bug 

Just a nobody in sight.

You do not wish to know me

My life has no words left to write. 

He slowly drifts away 

He looks up to the mirror. 

He grips on her hand 

Down his cheek comes a solemn tear.

He pulls her closer

With spectators around

He gasps to speak again

And this was his sound. 

"If you know who I am

Then forget this face.

I've been nothing but dissapointment

Disloyal, dishonest and a disgrace. 

I never got to see my kids grow up. 

But I know I love them till dusk. 

When my family appears to my grave 

Let them know I am sorry, please you must..." 

And then his pulse paused 

And the scatter of his breath dispersed.

His memories shot through his mind 

Everything he was took a turn in reverse.

Not knowing what he had 

Which was in front of him there. 

The girl cried out in agony,

Into the vast city air. 

"Why has this happened to you

This should have not happened at all

Mom and I never had the courage

To take a glance at you or give you a call.

Father, please don't leave me, 

You're turning cold from warm. 

I see that you longer have to fear

All these emotions and irrational harm."

She sets his head down

As the police and paramedics take over

Looks over to her kids

Who are standing there with her lover.

She regrets not calling, nor taking a gander

Can death really be Life's only true answer?


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