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Imagine having no home, no food, no money. Imagine having nothing !
The world all too much overlooks the homeless, ignores the homeless and even shuns the homeless.
There is so much to learn from the homeless if we just stop, care and look
Being homeless is not a choice. People don't grow up and go to college to be homeless
Homeless people are kind, generous and willing to help. Why can't we all be this way
Sleeping outside in the winter is not a choice, although there are many that have to do this
Homeless people have the same wants, desires and needs that we have.
Imagine having nothing to call your own, no cell phone, no I pod, no food, no transportation and most importantly no family.
The world could learn so much from the homeless. So many people could learn to be kind, generous or quite simply learn to WANT. It seems as though so many of us don't know how to WANT for something. So much is just given to us and it is expected.
Imagine having no home, no food, no money........IMAGINE BEING HOMELESS


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