Home Sweet Home

I am dirty feet dancing in the jungle

I shower in my mother countries water with my neighbors

A naked body is my friends and I because Jesus isn't born for another century

I am enjoying the heat that blackens my skin

I am enjoying my skin 

My father is a nurse here 

He gives herbs and food to the sick

My mother a doctor 

She goes to catch babies as they fall from one universe to another

I am not ashamed of my parents jobs

They have jobs

I get to play with the village kids when one parent is away at work

We play hand clap games, duck duck goose, and de girls braid each other's hair.

Patterns Too complex to mimic

At night when my parent come back we feast as a villiage and give thanks to the animals for being dying to be our meal. 

I am dancin

I am singing 

I am happy to be home

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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