A home to be found

Within a cloud far from the abyss of life 

Alone with no where to hide

My heart broke my mind froze

It was as if time were darkness consuming all light

My sweetest smile diguised abhor

My tears entreated for the end of life

My days were nights

The gruesome thoughts I lived by

Made a nightmare of life

Where was I?

I begged someone to shed some light 

Where will i find in who to rely 

I became friends with the voice in my mind

Maleficent thoughts constantly forming

My future far from me

I lost my identity my world turned black and white

Who was I?

Rumour says that time will solve

Time will fix and erase all leasion from your heart

Truth be told time made my anguish twofold

I sat for years waiting, hoping

Until there came the day

Sweet paper and pen found thier way to me

My thoughts found a home 

Inbetween the lines of the ink

In the winter spring summer and fall

All year round 

I felt as if i had risen off the ground

My world found light 

I was found 

Escaped from the prison 

With the key in hand

I swore to never fall back

For i had found a way of eteranl escape

From my own treacherous world



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