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36° 6' 13.0968" N, 95° 58' 21.6588" W

There's something magical
About the unpredictable weather.
Something cathartic
About the fiery orange and soft pink of the expansive sunsets.
But these simple treasures can't defeat the feeling of
"there's nothing for me here."
Days spent watching fields of corn zoom by
from the passenger window.
The lonliness of being a drop of blue in a sea of red.
Time spent with friends, joking,
"At least it's not Kansas!"
Oklahoma is my home.
The blaring tornado siren plays like a familiar melody.
The water in the Arkansas-
what little water there is-
twinkles in the scorching summer sun as steam rises from the asphalt.
This state has come under scrutiny,
But I'll always remember the feelings of
togetherness, unity,
As we chanted, "49th is not OK!"
And I've been fighting, as long as I can remember, saying
I need to get out of this place!
I need to go where people
understand, listen, create, don't judge.
I need to be with people like me.
But as much as a state's people shape it,
This state has shaped me.
No matter where I am,
Oklahoma is my home.


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