Hunkered over rugged rocks and broiling sand,

My eyes survey the crystal sea,

My right palm is pressed against my pounding heart,

My left upon my only escape,

Bruises and wounds and shards of glass embed my hardened skin,

Blisters, rashes, and parasitic bites grace itself upon my shriveled body, 

Caked on dirt and sand,

Are only just the beginning, 

My outside appearance doesn't compare to the darkness swirling inside,

A constant battle rages through me as my will to fight for life weakens with every breath I take, 

Lost on hope and faith,

No happiness,

No life,

Just waiting for the end,

As the sun sets and the moon rises to its peak,

The Stars glow and shine so bright,

Taking away my despair,

Tainted thoughts throughout the day dissipate when the thought of home reaches my lips,

Laying upon my make shift bed,

Of dried leaves, brown grass, and gnarled branches, 

Thoughts of family, friends and loved ones,

Thoughts of my bedroom, clothes, food and more,

A sliver of hope and faith,

A sliver of happiness and life returns to me,

Begs to be awakened in my short lived dreams,

Home I say, 

Home I repeat,

Like a never ending mantra to keep my sanity,

Hope is what long for,

Home is what I wish for,

To be close to my mother, my grandmother, my brothers and my sister,

To hold them tight and never let go,

To whisper prayers and promises that we may or may not keep,

As the days drag on and the sun scorches my body,

My vision to escape intensifies,

As my darkest fears escape from the depths of hell my body endures,

I make my vision a reality, 

As the impending doom attacks every part of me that remains pure and whole,

I'm sailing away from that god forsaken place that dragged me under waiting for the day I die,

Thoughts of home keep my head held high and the malicious pain bearable,

As I trudge through the darkness blind and determined I vividly picture their faces smiling for their return of their loved one,

Right when the darkness is about to consume every inch of me I see the light at the end of tunnel, 

I see my home,

My life,

My happiness,

Finally I can take a breath of fresh air because I did it,

I faced that island head on,

Without them my body wouldn't be able to endure the pain,

Emotionally and physically that I spent days, nights, hours and minutes doing,

Without them I wouldn't of made it home in one piece 

This poem is about: 
My family


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