Did you feel magic 

When you left me down and out 

Did you feel proud 

Knocking the wind right through me 

Out on to the ground 


I was scarred 

I was bruised 

Just a disposable pawn 

For you to use 


Did you see the look on my face

When you thought you put me in my place

I'll be on my way 

I sure wish you well 

That red ichthus tattoo 

Is going to look good In hell


You believe all your sins 

Are wiped away with 

Insincire prayers and grins 

Laughing about me to your friends 


All I know is when your time comes 

It won't end well 

It won't be fun 


So for now I'll sleep a little easier

When I imagine telling your mother 

"Oh he's such a little creature"

She won't believe you decieved her 

But I'm not like that 

So I let my imagination satify my craving 

For an alternate universe 

Where I'm doing the shaming 


For one night only 

I got ruin what was supposed to be holy




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