Holiday Time

Mon, 11/29/2021 - 17:55 -- Ramz

Its morning


That winter frost creeps in further each morning

Store owners see it as they start their day

They know it will turn worse in coming weeks

Yet they still do not take preemptive measures.


The lessening on restrictions come this Christmas

Town square will hold a holiday event this year

It should be nice with the new renovations

A new clock tower, tree location next to it,

And I hear there is a reindeer area

I wonder if that will be a good idea.


I remember one year Sam was walking with home her baked

Christmas cookies and slipped in the very same area the frost grows now.


This year should be fun

Lord knows last year was slow

I never realized how I missed the carolers



Time flys reminiscing

Oh the joy


It is here!



Hot chocolate





Oh look there she goes

I forgot she always bakes her cookies during work

They should be nice and warm

They never disappoint, from what I remember


People walking about

There she goes and…



There goes all the cookies

The frost got her


Mercy, she screams


Two years in a row, Christmas events ruined


Thats a shame

Now I have to wait until next year for a taste.


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